Emerge in 2020

The new year is well underway and I’ve finally completed a few tasks on my To-do lists. Initially, I was my worst critic complaining about how long it took to get these things done. But then I reminded myself that while I may not be able to “check off all of the boxes,” I had indeed accomplished a lot of things and the rest will work out in due time. As I was completing one of the tasks, I came across this photo of a dictionary caption. It reminded me of why I named my business ‘Emerge’. Seeing the words ‘to come out from a place of darkness or from behind,’ prompted a moment of reflection. As I thought about the word, Emerge, I asked myself, “What am I currently emerging from in my life?”.  My first thought was the never-ending housework. The next was my pressing To-do list. Instead of focusing on the heaviness of all that, I gave myself grace and reaffirmed myself on what had been accomplished. Furthermore, I reassured myself that this season of “heaviness” is but for a season and this too shall pass.

Maybe you’re feeling stuck underneath something or even someone. Maybe it’s a mountain of laundry, a stack of papers at work, or a pile of bills at home. Whatever it is, you too can Emerge!

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